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20+ Baby names for Christian.

Congratulation, since you became Mother / Father or may be Uncle / Aunt of newly arrived angel. So you are here to find best baby names. Well I must say you on the right path. Here will see 20+ baby names. I would recommend to choose baby names you like and then select one.

Christian baby names are a massive collection of Hebrew, Middle Eastern, or Islamic names and have known never to run out of fashion. But now to sound modern people started to change the spelling of name. Pretty cool right.  So here are some baby names hope you like it.

Baby names for Christian

Baby names for Christian boys

  1. Barak: Barak means ‘thunder’ in Hebrew. Do not confuse it with Barack, which is an African name.
  2. Daniel: Daniel is a common biblical name for boys and means ‘God is my judge’.
  3. Eliphaz: Each life is a creation of God. Eliphaz means ‘the endeavor of God’.
  4. Ezekiel: It may sound exotic but is a traditional Christian boy name. It means ‘the strength of God’ in Hebrew.
  5. Omar: The name Omar has its origin in both Hebrew and Arabic. It means ‘he that speaks’.
  6. Emmanuel: It is a good choice for parents looking for traditional Christian names. It means ‘God is with us’ in Latin as well as Hebrew.
  7. Ethan: The name Ethan comes from the Hebrew language and means ‘strong’.
  8. Isaac: A common name, Isaac means ‘laughter’ in Hebrew.
  9. Reuben: Reuben means ‘he who sees the Son’ in Hebrew. Another gem from the Bible!
  10. Shem: Shem means ‘renowned’ in Hebrew. It will surely attract attention!
  11. Asher: Asher means ‘happiness’ in Hebrew and will hopefully help your child fill the world with love and laughter.
  12. David: This classic Biblical boy name will never go out of fashion. David means ‘well-loved or dear’ in Hebrew.
  13. Mark: Mark is a very common Christian name for boys. It means ‘polite’ in Latin.
  14. Noah: Noah is an evergreen bible name for boys! It means ‘consolation’ in Hebrew.
  15. Aaron: Sea or water.
  16. Cyril: Majesty or King.
  17. Dylan: One who wins over people’s minds.
  18. Eric: A ruler of peace.
  19. Ethan: Strong and powerful.
  20. Ian: A name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious'.
  21. Irvin: Colour of peace, a beautiful white colour.
  22. Kian: Royal, a majestic King.
  23. Walter: A powerful warrior.
  24. Zane: Gift from God
Baby names for Christian Boys

 Baby names for Christian girls

  1. AtarahA beautful name, Atarah means ‘crown’ in Hebrew. It is one of the perfect biblical girl names for your little princess.
  2. AbigailAbigail means ‘the father’s joy’. It is perfect for your daughter as she is the darling of her father.
  3. BerniceBernice means ‘one who brings victory’ in Greek. It is a musical name and pretty traditional too.
  4.  BethanyBethany in Hebrew means ‘house of song’. It is a very popular name!
  5. ChloeA classic English name, Chloe means ‘green herb’ in Greek.
  6. DianaYes, it is a beautiful name! It means ‘luminous or perfect’ in Latin.
  7. ElishaThe Christian baby girl names grow elegant as we move. As pretty as a name can get, Elisha is a great choice for parents looking for a simple yet classy name. It means ‘the Salvation of God’ in Latin
  8. EstherNothing is more interesting than a little mystery. The Esther means ‘secret or hidden’ in Hebrew
  9. EvaShort and sweet – Eva is the perfect name for families who like to keep things simple. It means ‘living’ in Hebrew.
  10.  JaelAn uncommon yet interesting Christian name, Jael means ‘one who ascends’ in Hebrew.
  11.  JoannaIf you want to give your daughter a name that is both Christian and trendy, you can consider Joanna. It means ‘grace or gift of the Lord’ in Hebrew.
  12. JemimahThe name Jemimah means ‘as beautiful as the day’ in Hebrew. If you want a name that is unique, try this beauty!
  13.  LydiaThe Greek language is a treasure trove! The name means ‘standing pool’ in Greek.
  14. MyraIn Greek Myra means ‘I flow’. This Christian girl names is poetic name and a favorite among parents who like modern yet classic names.
  15. OliveHere’s another Biblical name for baby girl, which is both traditional and popular. Olive means ‘beauty or dignity’ in Latin.
  16.  RachelRachel means ‘sheep’ in Hebrew. The term sheep has deep relevance in the Bible. And if you are a fan of yesteryears hit sitcom, the name will have additional meaning.
  17.  RuthA very English name, Ruth means ‘content’ in Hebrew.
  18. SerahA catchy name, Serah means ‘the morning star’ in Hebrew.
  19. TirzahAnother gem of a name from the Bible! The name Tirzah means ‘benevolent or pleasing’ in Hebrew.
  20. TabithaTabitha – a name straight out of storybooks! The beautiful name means ‘a gazelle’ in Aramaic.
  21. ZemiraZemira has such a nice ring to it, don’t you agree? It means ‘a song’ in Hebrew. This Christian name for girl is beautiful.
  22. ZinaZina is a Greek name that means ‘shining’. It is an elegant name for your daughter.

Baby names

Parenthood is a challenging and beautiful journey. So, enjoy your life with the new member in your family!

Which of these baby names appeal to you? Share your choice with us in the comments section below.


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